A little bit about me…

Hi! My name is Jim Brown. I’m 49, the husband of Robin Brown, father to Sarah Davis(Husband Derek, son Ashton, daughter Mia) and Jonathan Brown (wife Jena, sons Laiken and Bryson). I’ve worked in retail, mostly grocery, for 32 years. I’ve also pastored twice in my life.
I’ve always wondered, what would the apostles be able to do with today’s technology? I’ve also wondered, what can I do to make the greatest impact for the cause of Christ in whatever time God gives me on this earth? Then I thought, a blog! So here goes.
I once heard a liberal commentator tell a gues on his show that she should leave the Bible out of her comments, because the Bible wasn’t relevant to their topic. She was right, he was wrong. The Bible is as relevant as the morning paper, and more accurate. After all, it was written by the One who sees the end from the beginning. In the coming days, we’ll talk about God, His love for us, and how this old world is shaping up just like He said it would. I look forward to your visits, and your comments, any way you feel. After all, the web IS about communication!

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